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Distance Education Program

TDOT Distance Education Program

The Tennessee Department of Transportation has contracted with the University of Tennessee to provide certain degree courses via distance education. These course offerings are available to all students. This non-thesis program consists of six core courses (CE 522, CE 540, CE 551, CE 553, CE 574, and ENV 525) and four elective courses. The coursework provides advanced training in areas pertinent to transportation planning, roadway and bridge-related projects and construction oversight; however, the breadth and flexibility of the program can be tailored to a wide range of civil engineering applications. All Non-thesis M.S. students are required to take a culminating written examination. The written exam is offered twice per year, Fall and Spring Terms, and is administered on the UT Knoxville campus.

Course Descriptions

Aggregate properties and tests, asphalt binder properties and tests, mix design methods for asphaltic mixtures, hot-mix asphalt (HMA) mixture production and construction, Portland-cement concrete (PCC) mix design, additives and admixtures for PCC, special types of PCC, PCC production and construction.

Characteristics of human, vehicle, and roadway in transportation system; microscopic and macroscopic traffic models; elements of transportation/highway safety.

Operation and management of the surface transportation system including freeways and arterials; traffic control systems including traffic signal design and operation; traffic control devices including signing and markings.

Moment-curvature and load-deflection relationships for reinforced concrete beams; combined bending and axial load; shear and torsion; relation between research results and specifications for design.

Theory of soil erosion and sediment yield processes from disturbed land; methods and computer models for estimating sediment yield. Erosion and sediment control theory and management practices. Local and state regulations.


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