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Chris Cherry

Christopher Cherry


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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  • 321 John D. Tickle Building
  • Phone: 865-974-7710
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  • Biography

    Chris Cherry is an Associate Professor at the University of Tennessee. He received his BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Arizona and received his PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 2007.His research interests include multimodal transportation planning and operations, public transportation systems, travel behavior and demand, transportation economics, sustainable transportation and transit security. Since coming to UT in August 2007, he has embarked on a research and education program that focuses on sustainable transportation, including aspects of transportation safety, economics and environment. About half of his research work is focused on rapid motorization of Asia, with research projects in Vietnam, India, and China. He was recently awarded an NSF CAREER award focusing on the sustainability implications of various motorization pathways in China. His domestic research agenda includes evaluating safety and system performance non-motorized and transit systems, as well as commercial vehicles. He also focuses on market penetration and impacts of alternative transportation technologies and fuels. A recent initiative investigates electric bike sharing, where he launched the North America's first electric bike sharing pilot on UT campus as a research test bed. He is a member of the Institute of Transportation Engineers, the Transportation Research Board (where he chairs the joint subcommittee on emerging technologies), and the American Society of Civil Engineers.

    • Sustainable Transportation
    • Non-Motorized Transportation Safety
    • Travel Behavior and Demand
    • Transportation Economics
    • Commercial Vehicle Safety
    • Transportation and the Environment
    • Multimodal Transport
    • Planning & Operations
    • Transit Security and Shared Vehicles


    • Evaluation of Wireless Roadside Infrastructure Pilot Phase II
      • Funded by US Department of Transportation-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and NTRCI. 2008-2010 ($321,251) with Tom Urbanik
    • New technologies and bicycle safety
      • Funded by US DOT through Southeast Transportation Center 2014 ($50,000)
    • Electric versus traditional motorized vehicles in the Southeast: Comparison of GHG emissions and exposure and health impacts of primary pollutants
      • Funded by Baker Center for Public Policy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville ($20,000)
    • Statewide Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Analysis and Safety Investment Policy
      • Funded by Tennessee Department of Transportation. 2011-2013 ($100,000: $95,000 my portion) co-PI with Steve Richards and Deo Chimba (TSU)
    • CAREER: Sustainability Implications of Transportation Choice in China
      • Funded by National Science Foundation 2011-2016 ($465,493)
    • The Transition of Bus Transit to Hydrogen-A Case Study of a Medium Sized Transit Agency
      • Funded by US Department of Transportation-Federal Transit Administration. 2008-2010 ($60,000 my portion) with Wayne Davis and David Keffer
    • Langford, B.C., Chen, J. C. Cherry (2015) Risky riding: naturalistic methods comparing safety behavior from conventional bicycle riders and electric bike riders. Accident Analysis and Prevention (in review)
    • Yang, Q., L. Han, C. Cherry (2013) Some measures for sustaining red-light camera programs and their negative impacts. Transport Policy 29 pg 192-198.
    • Lu, W., L. Han, C. Cherry (2013) Evaluation of Vehicular Communication Networks in a Car Sharing System. International Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Research. 11(3). Pg 113-119. 10.1007/s13177-013-0060-1.
    • Cherry, C., L. Bordley, D. Stephens, J. Petrolino, J. Kelfer (2012) Wireless Roadside Inspection of Commercial Motor Vehicles, Pilot Test of Technical System Performance. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 2281 pg. 109-118.
    • Cherry, C., M. Hickman, A. Garg (2006) Design of a Map Based Transit Itinerary Planner. Journal of Public Transportation. 9(2) pg 45-68.


Chris Cherry

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